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?Processutveckling av metod f?r tillverkning av en funktionell tibetansk mejeriprodukt?

Probiotics is a special group of health products on the market. The most common type of  these is live cultures of lactic acid fermenting bacteria from raw milk . These include, among others, yogurt and various trademarks such as Hälsofil ®, Acidophilus ®, Dofilus ® and Kefir ®. Such products are often used by patients who are treated with antibiotics to combat the intestinal flora eliminated, thus causing digestive problems. The present work deals with yet another type of health product, viz.

Att dela eller inte dela? : Vad som möjliggör respektive förhindrar produktdelningssystem

Product sharing systems is recently starting to become a more common phenomenon. Carpools exist in more than 40 Swedish towns and both Stockholm and Gothenburg have established bicycle sharing systems. Other products for which sharing systems have been established throughout Sweden are clothing and tools. From the point of view of the consumer, product sharing systems is a form of consumption which can be placed somewhere in between renting and privately owning a product, where the consumers usually pay a membership fee or a monthly fee to have access to the products whenever they need them. The concept is relatively new, and there are many products for which product sharing systems do not exist.

Varumärkets betydelse - en jämförelse mellan hur unga och äldre påverkas i köpprocessen

The thesis strives to answer the question whether there are any differences between how young customers, in comparison with older, are affected by brands when buying different products. The purpose is to get a clearer idea about the brands' importance in the future and in that way also to give guidance to companies about how to best market themselves and there products.To answer the question, an experiment was conducted with 480 respondents taking a survey where they had to rate a product after reading a short text about it. Some of the texts stated that a specific brand was behind the product while some said the product was produced by an unknown brand.The result of the study was that young people showed a greater propensity of rating products with a brand higher than products without brands, in comparison with the older respondents. This gives reason to believe that brands progressively will become an even more important tool for marketers and an unmatched asset for companies in the future..

Situationer och varumärkeslojalitet : Hur återkommande köp- och konsumtionssituationer är kopplade till konsumenters varumärkeslojalitet

The thesis focuses on the measurement of situational factors affecting brand loyalty in purchases and consumption. A survey is conducted using previously developed scales and 199 respondents. Results show that for the particular product category (ready-to-drink recovery drinks), purchase frequency and the product experience have stronger effects on loyalty than do situational factors such as type of activity and perceived stress. Implications for managers are discussed and suggestions for further research is presented..

Är avkastning allt

Scarcity due to supply, demand or in time is all factors that affect consumers´buying behavior. The scarcity principle describes how scarce resources appear moreattractive to the customer's eyes than unlimited does. When something is scar thecustomer often draws parallels to the quality and price, that the product will bemore expensive and better. People hate to be deprived of choices. When a certainproduct is scar, the customer will desire the product even more.

?Less is more? : En studie om hur knapphet påverkar köpbeteendet

Scarcity due to supply, demand or in time is all factors that affect consumers´buying behavior. The scarcity principle describes how scarce resources appear moreattractive to the customer's eyes than unlimited does. When something is scar thecustomer often draws parallels to the quality and price, that the product will bemore expensive and better. People hate to be deprived of choices. When a certainproduct is scar, the customer will desire the product even more.

Produktplacering : En studie om effektiv marknadsföring

PurposeThe purpose of this study is to investigate whether a combination of product placement and traditional advertising can enhance the company's marketing. We perform this study because we believe that the consumers consider traditional marketing in many cases obsolete.TheoryThe study?s theory consists of topics and terms of product placement, traditional marketing, branding and communications. Theories used in this study were the basis to answer the study's research question using empirical data gathered during the study.MethodThe study has a deductive approach with a qualitative focus, therefore, the study is based on existing research, which was later to use for the data extracted from the interviews. The approach is going to show differences and similarities between how it looks in reality versus theory.ConclusionThe results of this study show that product placement can increase the efficiency of traditional marketing.

Hur kan företag med lågengagemangsprodukter gå tillväga för att uppnå emotionell och sann lojalitet gentemot kunderna? : En kvalitativ studie på SCAs produkter Edet papper och Libresse

In a competitive market as supermarkets, hundreds of the same products fight for attention in the shops. Every day thousands of targeted advertising messages is given to us. As a natural result of all this, power is transferred to consumers. You can no longer differentiate yourself by only price and function, thus companies must play on the emotional aspects and create a relationship with consumers. A key to success is to understand people's emotional needs and then satisfying them.In various journals and papers you can find highlighted success stories of strong brands such as Harley-Davidson, Apple and Virgin Airlines.

PRODUKTINKONGRUENS: Vad som händer när en produkt i en produktkategori med negativ klang ges ett positivt attribut

Product development is essential for all companies that want to survive in competitive markets regardless of the characteristics of the product that the company sells. Companies that sell products within product categories which can be seen as bad, also need to develop their products in order to remain competitive. If these bad products add a positive attribute, for example that they get organic, a contradiction within the product arises and they get incongruent. This thesis investigates which effects that follow a launch of an incongruent product. The thesis also examines if these effects are affected by the strength of the brand under which the product is launched.A total of 240 respondents participated in an experimental study where product incongruity was manipulated for two different product categories, where one well known brand and one unknown brand were examined in each category.

Junior : utveckling av barnglasögon för Polaris Eyewear AB

Polaris Eyewear is one of the world's leading companies in innovative eyeweardesign. My assignment has been to, in collaboration with them, expand their range with a pair of children's glasses, while maintaining the innovative character they are so known for.The problem with childrens eyewear today is that most of the time the glasses tries to mimic the adult eyewear and the ?childish? type of designing is spared. From an ergonomic point of view, a child's nose is smaller than an adults and therefore needs a different type of shape and nosebridge. In addition, children have softer ears, which means that they need a different type of shaftend as well.

Kreativ produktexponering inom e-handeln

This study investigates whether creative online product exposure within the clothing industry has a positive effect on the behaviour and attitude of today's consumers. Product exposure is the most important stimulus in the online marketing universe, yet few studies exist on this topic. Thus, this study pioneers in this specific research field. Through empirical analysis this study reveals that product exposure has a significant and direct effect on the perceived corporate ability and consumer involvement. Moreover creative product exposure indirectly increases the perceived product quality, intention to buy and the overall attitude towards the brand.

En bild säger mer än tusen ord, eller?: en studie om inferens

Without being aware of it, cognitive processes continuously take place in our heads. We are forced to fill in the information gaps that we meet in our everyday life in order to create an understanding and to form a whole, and that?s where the importance of inference comes in. To create inference implies creating meaning from something that is not explicitly given. Having knowledge about this process offers great possibilities, while not taking it into account may involve risks.

Launch of new products : market research for new product development for diabetics

Foods that stimulate health and satisfy consumer expectations are needed. In a consumer´s perspective, products that provide several kinds of health benefits, without any call for major changes in their behaviour are needed on the market. With this increasing interest in health promoting food product, one of the biggest challenges for the food industry is to find the conditions and right position on the market and find the opportunities to enter the market successfully. New products with added health values can be developed to cure and counter welfare diseases as in this case for diabetics type 2. Swedish food companies have a desire to respond to welfare diseases and one welfare disease is diabetes type 2. Many of them have an ambition to develop new products to respond to the growing population and find a supply that could suit their customers.


Most people have been forced to throw away a pot-plant after its death. There are many reasons to the death of a plant, but mainly it?s because its owner forgets it, and therefore fails to water it. The purpose of this project is therefore to develop a product which can prevent this from happening, while the product has to have a low manufacturing cost to be able to compete whit other, similar, products on the market. During the project, a benchmarking has been done to give a clear picture of what the product has to compete with. The directives there are for CE-marking, and which of these who concerns the product has also been looked up.

Fermented sausage : product development at Lindell's Gårdsslakteri

Product development is a risky business; many products never yield profit, but it is also ne-cessary for a company?s survival in a competitive business where the costumers change their requests constantly. Consumer-led product development is developed from the wish to fill the consumer?s needs and expectations and thereby be more likely to succeed. Lindell?s Gårdsslakteri AB is a local slaughter and meat processor in Västergötland.

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