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Gage R&R studie på mätutrustning för förpackningsavstånd

The aim of the thesis is to analyse and understand resolution, repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement system for package distance. The measurement system for package distance is already in use, no Gage R&R has been performed on the system and before spreading use of the system the quality of the system has to be understood and approved.

System Monitor : Ett felsökningssystem för Paperline

When an error occurs in an IT system that is vital for the production of a major industry, the consequences can be great. To quickly identify and correct errors is important as a stop in a system can lead to a break in production, which is costly for the industry. Our task in this thesis has been to develop a system for ÅF that facilitates the debugging process of the system Paperline. The system's target audience is ÅF-call personnel that provides support for Paperline 24 hours a day if something goes wrong. The system consists of a Windows service, a database and a web application and is developed mainly with the techniques C#.NET, MVC 5, Google Charts, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Entity Framework.

Tolkningen av L-system i realtid på grafikkortet

Arbetet undersöker grafikkortets lämplighet att tolka L-system i realtid. L-system är ett strängomskrivningssystem som beskriver strukturen hos botaniska former. Lsystem tolkas med hjälp av sköldpaddstolkningen för att få en geometrisk tolkning. För att utvärdera om grafikkortet är lämpat att tolka L-system i realtid har två system implementerats. Det ena systemet tolkar L-system på processorn och det andra systemet tolkar L-system på grafikkortet.

Analys, design och implementering av Orbit ones dokumenthanteringssystem

This report describes the development of a system for controlling documents. The report starts with a problem description which the company wants an intranet-based solution for. The report then continues to describe the development phase for the different parts of the system which results in a complete system. The company that wanted this system is called Orbit One and is located in Ronneby, Sweden. They have had a problem with old documents circulating in different versions and in different binders.

Applikationsportering till mobil plattform

När man lever i ett samhälle där användandet av mobila enheter som smartphones ökar, sker motsvarande ökning av frågan på tillgång till befintliga system i mobila enheter. Ett mobilt system kan utvecklas på olika sätt beroende på efterfrågan och kunskapsbasen hos utvecklarna. Det finns olika sorters mobila system, däribland webbaserade och plattformsspecifika system.Den här rapporten innehåller en förstudie för olika tillvägagångssätt för att skapa en mobil version av ett system. Rapporten redogör för olika tekniker som kan användas beroende på vilket system som önskas överföras, samt vilken målgruppen är. Rapporten beskriver också hur framtagandet av ett mobilt system för olika mobila plattformar har skett för ett redan befintligt system..

Behov av flexibilitet i COTS-system : Hur COTS-system möter användarnas behov i olika organisationer

This thesis examines if commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) systems meet the needs in different types of organizations. This was investigated through a case study of a COTS system. The system is built for contact centers and used in different types of organizations. Contextual inquiries with users from six different organizations were held together with interviews with stakeholders of the system. This gave an understanding for how the system is used and the needs to be met in the different organizations were recognized.

Systemutveckling av Trouble Report : Hur väljer och prioriterar man tekniska funktioner i vidareutveckling av ett etablerat system?

As part of an internship at Ericsson, this report was written to enhance the understanding of how it is to develop a system that is well established at the workplace. To improve an already existing system is not always as easy as many developers may think. In this report the pros and cons of developing an already existing system has been researched and analyzed. Do note that the results are only from one development of a specific system and that comparison of other developments has been made from other reports and not from experiencing it firsthand. It was found that the choices made can have an impact on further developing and it is important to write down what has been done.

Foldback System

This project concentrates on musicians who work in a professional music studio.The task of this project was to design a new headphone system called Foldback system.The advantage of this system is that all involved in a music project could influence their ownlistening during the project. With a couple of adjustments should each and everyone get theirown individual listening from their headphone station.This report shows different methods, theories and results that came along in development ofFoldback system. The project has resulted in a finished product that will be in use atStudiomega..

Webbaserat ordersystem samt CRM.

The author of this report has created a Web-based invoice system and CRM at therequest of the company Webhouse.se. The purpose of the System is to makeeveryday tasks in the company easier. The system also needed to prevent mistakesand errors by managing orders and invoices.The system has been created with the company?s requests in focus. During thedevelopment of the system information security and interaction design have beenimportant aspects that have been taken into consideration.The system has been created using techniques such as PHP and MYSQL.

Implementering av mjukvarubaserat PLC-system för reglering av magnetiseringen av en synkrongenerator

In order to reduce the price for, and improve the performance of automatic control systems for magnetization of synchronus generators, the possibilities of using a PC based software PLC system, Programmable Logic Controller, has been investigated. The result is a system based on the CoDeSys software PLC with runtime environment from 3S-Software, communicating with external units via Modbus fieldbus. System price is reduced from ?5000 to ?2000 and system processing speed is reduced from 10 ms for a Siemens S7 PLC to 4 ms with the CoDeSys PLC system though unsolved problems with runtime seizure caused by improper settings in the PC BIOS..

Levbart transportsystem i Uppsala

In this thesis a transport system is sought after thatif realised in the city of Uppsala could provide bothwell-being to all its inhabitants and sustainability,here jointly refered to as liveability. It is found thatthe car dominated transport system that is inoperation today provides two fundamental values,namely accessibility in both time and space, whichsets it apart from other transport solutions. Thesetwo values are of immense importance for theliveability in our modern world. On the other handthe car dominated system decreases the liveabilityof Uppsala in several different ways. Some of theseproblems, it is argued, could be solved within thecar system, through the adoption of moreenvironmentally friendly cars etc., but otherproblems are inherent in the car system and willremain no matter what changes are made.

Hjälpkraftsystem med två lågspänningsnivåer

Because of increasing demand of power on Malmbanan the capacity of the existing wires which supply the trains must be increased. This increases the stress on the existing poles and for this reason the system for supplying the loads along the railway is to be removed from the poles and be replaced by some other system. This thesis is a study on a two-level low voltage (1 kV and 0.4 kV) electrical system with the aim to investigate if it can be an alternative to the system used today taking into account the voltages, fault currents and costs.In this thesis the following tasks have been performed:? Gathering of data? Description of basic theory? Loadow and fault current calculations of the system with MATLAB? Life Cycle Cost estimate of the system? Analysis and conclusions from the resultsThe results show that the new system can be an alternative to replace today's system. The simulations and calculations show that the voltage drop is at an acceptable level and that the fault currents are large enough to supply a safe disconnection if a fault occurs at the far end of the system..

Business intelligence : Framgångsfaktorer vid användningen av ett BI system

The management of information is a significant competitiveness in companies. Companies stored and save information every day, and it is very common to save de information in different sources. This makes de management of information complex. To mange, monitor and analyze the information, companies can use a system called Business Intelligence. BI system is an analytical system that extracts and converts data into useful information that helps employees to make informed decisions.

Dags att förändra den svenska utnämningspolitiken! En idéanalys

This paper discuss the possibilities to improve the Swedish political nomination system. It brings up some of the values and norms that can be used to change the existing system. Values as openness, the demand of responsibility and also if there is values from the American spoils system that can be used in the Swedish system. A minor purpose is to discuss the part of the parliament within the nomination process. To investigate this I have some theoretical starting points and a self constructed analysis tool.

Förändring = Förbättring? : En studie av hur några användare skattar och upplever förändringar i ett datorstöd

Human-computer interaction is central for computer assisted development. The aim was to investigate the user experience of a new (U2) compared to an old (U1) computer system, within a cognitive psychology frame of reference. Six subjects, frequently using the system, participated in the study. It was shown that the new (U2) compared to the old system (U1) enhanced and supported more the users? system related procedures/tasks.

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