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Striving for innovation; working in CFT - a case study of Audi

The purpose of this thesis is to study and determine how working in Cross Functional Teams can generate value in an effort to facilitate innovation. An inductive scientific perspective is chosen as the research approach. A single case is investigated with the theoretical framework based on Resource Based View, Intellectual Capital, Innovation theory and theories concerning Cross Functional Teams. The empirical material has been collected through primary data; surveys, interviews and secondary data; literature, websites and further complementary data. The practice of using Cross Functional Teams will enhance organizational learning, knowledge transfer, increase communication and innovation, which in turn will increase the speed and performance of the new product development process.

Kundrelationsarbete i den industriella försäljningsprocessen

The purpose of this thesis was to examine how the build-up of customer relations can be characterized at the end of the industrial selling process and how companies engage their cross-functional selling teams into this relationship building effort. Through a case study of Omega, a multinational company engaged in the selling of products of an industrial character, it was revealed that the build-up and maintaining of the customer relationship is of acute importance, as it presents the company with a window of opportunities. Through its relationship with the customer the company can be able to sell other products, which are related to the original purchase made by the customer. For the company?s competitors the established relationship might also serve as a barrier when attempting to enter the market or increase market share.

LEAN produktuveckling : Ett arbete om kunskapsbaserad produktutveckling med fokus på tvärfunktionellt samarbete & lärande

Lean Product Development is a knowledge-based business concept in order to maintain high quality, meetcustomer requirements and to make product development more efficient. An important part of the processis to add a lot of resources at an early stage and execute the development as an iterative process betweendepartments exploring many alternatives thoroughly. The work focuses on how Lean ProductDevelopment is carried out and explores how to manage interaction between different departments andexpertise with regard to cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing i.e. learning.The information for the studies was gathered at a major Swedish company from two projects. The projectswere carried out as cross-functional and possible key factors for cross-functional collaboration wasidentified.The results have been correlated with theories of Lean, Product development, Lean product developmentand Learning.

Reflekterande samtal- verktyg för utveckling? : Pedagogers upplevelser av reflekterande samtal i arbetet med elever i behov av särskilt stöd.

The purpose of this study was to describe and analyses educators? experiences of reflective conversations in their teams and part of teams in relation to their work with pupils in need of special support. Ten educators representing ten different teams have been interviewed since all had experiences of working in teams and working with pupils in need of special support. Focus has been on the educators? experiences of the organisation, the effects of the reflections and the need to develop the reflective conversations in their teams and part of teams.

Kartläggning av tvärfunktionella verksamhetsbehov för framtida utveckling av OAS

The management of information is one of the key aspects within a successful andefficient product development process, particularly regarding complex products.Scania CV AB is at the moment developing a new IT-system, OAS, which aims tomanage the company?s product data. With this as a background, the purpose of thismaster thesis is to identify the cross-functional user needs within Scania?s organizationconcerning product data and the management around it.To fulfill the purpose, an empirical study consisting of 40 personal interviews with 50representatives from different functions within Scania?s organization was carriedthrough. The empirical data was then analyzed focusing on identifying thecross-functional needs and issues.The study points out that there is a big potential regarding improvement among themanagement of product data.

Problem med lageranknytning hos en bilåterförsäljare

In this paper we have looked closer on a car-retailer in the middle of Sweden. We have chosen to dig deeper in the different problems that can occur, related to the supply. Soon we realized that that the problems weren?t related to stock management. Through studying the whole of the company, we have identified reasons to why details aren?t in the stock.

A Cross-Country Skiwear Collection for Beautiful Women

This thesis deals with cross-country ski clothing for non-competitive women. Women in this category look for different clothing features in comfort and aesthetics than male top athletes, for whom cross-country skiwear today often seems to be designed. In this thesis the demands of these women have been mapped out by an interview with a reference group of users. The ergonomics of exercising in the winter outdoors are naturally a base for the collection. The collection consists of three functional layers of garments.

Tvärfunktionell produktutveckling : - En utredning på Scania om samverkan mellan konstruktörer och produktsamordnare

The role distribution between designers and product coordinators and the system support between these roles are adapted according to the method of working that product models primarily are created for production and after sales market. At the same time models are also created to support a cross-functional way of working. This means that product structures exists on paper and as CAD-models before they are created in Scanias PDM-system environment which leads to unnecessary work and to information not being shared as early as it should be possible.A theoretical study has been performed with the purpose of understanding the problems and to create a foundation for improvement suggestions. Representatives from both roles have been interviewed together with other individuals with insight in the collaboration. A minor study concerning the roles of interests? collaboration at Volvo CC was also performed to be able to relate the study to another company.

Vad har 18-19 åringar för attityder mot Functional Food? : - En kvalitativ studie

Problem: What attitudes do young adults have towards Functional food?Is there any relation between these attitudes and young adults behaviour towards Functional Food?Purpose: The purpose of our thesis is to understand young adults attitudes towards Functional Food and also examine the relation between these attitudes and their behaviour towards Functional Food. Method: The authors of this thesis have used a qualitative method for data collection, focus group interviews.  There were two focus groups interviews performed on high-school students at Alléskolan in Hallsberg. The interview questions and the analysis of the primary data have been based on the frame of reference. Conclusion: Our investigation shows similar results as previous studies about consumers attitudes towards Functional Food. Our respondents had mixed attitudes towards Functional Food.

Babels torn återuppstår : Den interna kommunikationens påverkan i agila projektteam.

Internal communication is an important factor in organisations today. For many system development teams it?s critical that the communication works well. Without communication, success would be impossible. This study aims to highlight the effect communication has on the members of agile project teams.

Postanställdas konstruktioner av arbetsmotivation: En jämförande studie mellan postsorterare, lagledare och brevbärare

In order to broaden the understanding of work motivation the aim of the study was to compare how three different teams within the same organization constructed motivation. The three teams consisted of post sorters, team leaders and mailmen. Three focus group interviews were conducted with three men and eight women. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and thematically analysed with QSR NUD*IST. The result showed both similarities and differences in the construction of work motivation in the three teams.

Projektledning i virtuella teams - Förtroende, gemensam förståelse och groupwares

Virtual teams are teams where team members don?t sit and work in the same place, they canwork in different countries, cities and buildings. It?s not the distance between team members that defines a virtual team, it's the extent to which the team is dependent on information technology to communicate and carry out a task. Virtual teams is becoming more common in organizations, to use virtual teams organizations can reduced time and travel costs and create a larger knowledgebase.A project manager for virtual teams faces many challenges, they have to build trust with and among team members they rarely or never meet, create a common understanding of project objectives and manage the challenges that culture and information technology creates.

INDIVIDUELLT LÄRANDE I TEAM - En studie av lärstilars inverkan på lärande, effektivitet och prestation

Organizational learning has become more and more important in the last decades as the environment in which organizations exist continues to change rapidly and unexpectedly. In order for organizational learning to happen, the individuals within the organization must learn. Just as different individuals possess different skills, each individual also has their own learning style. As the use of teamwork increases, so does the need for techniques to put high performing teams together and with organizational learning as one of the objectives the question is, how do we maximize learning, efficiency and performance in teams? This study uses a quantitative method to examine how teams, from a course at the Stockholm School of Economics, perform on the individual learning, team efficiency and team performance scale based on the individual learning styles within the team.

Vart jag mig i världen vänder... : Om konstruktionen av bedömningar inom barn- och ungdomspsykiatrin

The purpose with this essay was to study the judgements made by child- and adolescents psychiatry teams on a fictitious case, in order to see what similarities and differences there would be in their way of discussing, judging and proposing efforts.We carried out this study by visiting four child- and adolescents psychiatry teams and letting them make judgements on a fictitious case constructed by us. First the teams were introduced to a vignette and then asked to complete it by requiring more information till they considered themselves to have enough information to be able to arrive to a judgement on the case and propose efforts, on which we later interviewed the teams. After the interviews we compared what extra information the teams required, what judgements they made and what efforts they chose to offer the family. The result was analysed from a social constructivist perspective. One central analysis concept was diagnostic frame, which is about in what category the team places the problem.The study revealed that the judgements, which are socially constructed within the teams, differed, and that the teams offered the fictitious family different efforts.

Beslutsmodell för lagerplacering

The study examined what NHL-teams should improve. This has been done by studying the significant statistics of NHL-seasons, and with linear regression identifying what NHL-teams should do to win many points and thereby get a good placement in the final table. The most interesting result of the study is that the statistics on faceoffs and shots on goal and power play efficiency most seasons where irrelevant for the outcome of a season..

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