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Import av entreprenad- & lantbruksmaskiner :

I made this examination essay to investigate the possibilities and problems with machinery import. The rules intend to loaders and agriculture machines are still pretty flexible. It is today rather simple to make a registration or inspect those machines. There are still some practical problems to be aware of. It is very important to have the right contacts abroad, it is not always that you have time or moment to inspect the machines before purchase. In that case you have to trust your contact or partner about condition, equipment or working hours of the machine. Another important thing is payment before delivery: There is a huge risk that you do not get the machines that you paid for. If problems come up, you need to know the laws, your rights and your duties. A Swedish company does not pay any value-added taxes when it buys from another member of the European union. On the other hand must the machine be sold included value-added tax, if the buyer is a Swedish company.

En jämförelse avseende beståndsgående-och stickvägsgående gallringsmaskiner

The purpose of this report is to investigate and compare the difference between stand-thinning machines and strip-road thinning machines, and how they affect the stand on behalf of future growth, theoretical economic result, wind impact, snow pressure and density of stand. The investigation is regarding the first commercial thinning of pine stands, after pre-commercial thinning that was well conducted. The investigation area was located near Katrineholm, Sweden. The measurements that were measured were strength of thinning and amounts of wind throws, snow-breaks and hauling damages. The results that emerged, was that thinning with strip-road machines had a significantly higher strength of thinning over all, as compared with the stand- thinning machines (45 percent versus 30 percent). Comparisons between wind-throws, snow-breaks and hauling damages of the stand could not establish any significant differences between the two methods that were investigated. Conclusions, over all, were that if forest owners want to have more timber volume left for second thinning and final cut of the stand, the forest owners should choose the method with stand-thinning machines. From the point of view of gentle treatment of the stand and ground damages the choice should be the same. However, the method with strip-road thinning machines is the most common and accessible method in Sweden. Most likely it is the most economical way to manage the stand for forest owners in present time. If the method with stand-thinning machines is becoming more common in Sweden, it is suggested for forest owners to consider the stand-thinning method as a candidate for treatment due to economic aspects..

Biomekanisk mätmetod och ergonomisk analys av träningsmaskiner

To get the maximal output of your exercise in gym machines, there are different factorsto be considered. For example the strength of the muscle varies dependent on the positionof the muscles. To get the best results of the exercise the load has to reduce and increaseat specific positions.This study was made in cooperation with Caretaker Scandinavia AB, a company forsales, marketing and development in health care. They are general agent for Nordic Gymwho works with manufacturing of equipment and machines for gym and fitness.The aim of this study was to generate a method of measurement to evaluate and controlthe biomechanics of Nordic Gym´s workout equipment. A protocol for an ergonomicanalysis on the equipment has also been elaborated.One of the methods to measure the biomechanics was to measure the torque through thewhole movement.

Ultraljudssvetsning: ett komplement eller ersättning till symaskinen?

AbstractThis bachelor thesis has been assigned by the company ACG Nyström, Borås. ACG Nyström is working in cooperation with a Swiss company named Jentschmann AG. Jentschmann is a manufacturer of ultra sonic welding machines which ACG Nyström is marketing in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. On behalf of Jentschmann AG the company has the aim to introduce the ultra sonic welding technique to new companies.The aim of this thesis is to compare traditional sewing machines with ultra sonic welding machines within two textile areas, protective clothing and outdoor living.Two investigative questions have been formulated for this purpose: what are the differences between a sewing machine and an ultra sonic welding machine? Is it possible to replace the sewing technology with ultra sonic welding? These stand as guidance for this paper.To gather knowledge interviews, literature studies, and tests on two different ultra sonic welding machines were performed.

Skogsmaskiners bränsleförbrukning :

This report is a thesis work for a B.Sc. in Forestry exam at the School for Forest Engineers, SLU. The aim of the work was to compare fuel consumption during work in practical field conditions with a standardized method developed by Skogforsk (The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden), (Brunberg, 2005) for harvesters and forwarders from different manufacturers and of different sizes in order to promote the development of more fuel efficient machines. Two studies were carried out. - Statistics of fuel consumption were collected. - An inquiry was sent out in order to get more detailed information of different aspects influencing the fuel consumption. The studied machines were divided into two classes, large machines (> 150 kW), and average size machines (100 ? 150 kW), and of the manufacturer Timberjack and Valmet. Our results shows a 15 % lower fuel consumption for average size harvesters and an 8 % higher fuel consumption for large harvesters compared with Skogforsks model.

Nyutveckling av Nålträdarsystem

This thesis work is performed on VSM Group Ltd in Huskvarna that produces sewing machines under the trademarks Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking. On these sewing machines is an application that helps the user to thread the needle. The aim with the work has been to study today's applications on VSM and their competitors' sewing machines in order to since developing a new Needle-threader that divides itself from all the ones used today. The objective with the work has been an entire new concept with an operational prototype.As a base the competitor analysis was used where today's applications was studied in order to identify positive and negative aspects of these. This led to a number off ?concept families? where different variants off the same ideas were collected and evaluated.

Skogsentreprenör 2007 : en kvantitativ studie av organiserade skogsentreprenörer i Sverige

SMF Skogsentreprenörerna is a nationwide organisation for Swedish forestry contractors. It has about 750 organised companies with somewhere around 1500 logging machines. These machines perform well over 50% of all yearly landed wood in Sweden. The members of SMF also performs more and more of other functions in Swedish professional forestry, such as soil scarification, planting and pre-commercial thinning of younger stands. In order to determine what major priorities SMF should focus on in the future a member survey was initialised and carried out by SMF together with Daniel Larsson-Snygg, student at the swedish university of agricultural sciences SLU. This report presents the result of this survey sent out to all members of SMF. It is intended to answer a number of questions about their entrepreneurship such as: What different kinds of work do these companies perform? How many machines and employees do they have? How old are the company owners and their employees? What are their thoughts about the future of their business? How well does SMF serve their members needs?.

Skotares bränsleförbrukning :

In published studies it is found that the fuel consumption on a forwarder is relatively constant, on time basis. A certain variation between different sizes of forwarders occurs as well as between different working elements. The aim of the study was to establish a forwarders comparatively fuel consumption when driving on road and in the terrain, loaded and unloaded, with high and low gear and with high and low speed as well as with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic transmission. A hypothesis was that low rpm gives lower fuel consumption on distance basic, at all trials. The test driving was made with a Hemek 750 which is a three geared hydrostatic machine and with a Hemek 700 which is a hydrodynamic machine with six gears.

Prestation vid sönderdelning av GROT med olika typer av maskiner

There is a need for productivities data and data for different types of machines for comminution of logging residues. The lack of data and studies on GROT comminution makes it difficult to evaluate different chains for handling of residue fuels and make system analyses.Four types of machines with three different working principles were compared at six studies during winter conditions. Three to eleven trials during 9.5 to 30.7 minutes were made on each machine. Samples from the produced material at each study were sieved to determine the size distribution of the comminuted material. Samples were also taken from the studies for determination of moisture content.

Underhållskostnader på rundbalspressar :

Costs of maintenance on agriculture machines is something that many farmers has a low knowledge of, it can depend on low interest or that the farmer don?t have enough time. To make it easier for the farmers they can use many computer programs which are available on the market. In this program they can calculate their costs of maintaince on their agriculture machines, for example STANK and JTI machine calculation program. Most of this program is using Svensson (1987) costs model whish was made in Sweden in the middle of 80 decade in a large study.

Lönsamhet av Självscanningssystem

During the last decade, there has been an increase in the use of technology-based self-services within the retail sector. The increase is particularly noticeable within the grocery market. The reason behind the increased use of these systems is partially due to the fact that companies within highly competitive retail markets continually look for ways of decreasing costs while upholding efficiency. The problem is that it is difficult to understand the true economical implications of investments relating to these machines. The purpose of this study is to investigate and contribute with new insights regarding the cost-structures of the stationary self-checkout systems and traditional cashier desks, within the retail grocery market.

Energisparläge i automationsindustrin : Potential för att minska tomgångsförluster med industriella styrsystem

Former studies have shown that a considerable part of industries? energy usage can stem from idle times in the production. This thesis, carried out at Siemens Industry sector, evaluates the potential for using the control system to automatically put machines into energy saving mode during idle times. The main part of the thesis consists of a case study performed on machine tools at a Scania production site in Södertälje. Through load measurements the potential for energy savings was determined.The results show that there is a great potential for energy savings during idle times at the site.

Support Vector Machines for Classification applied to Facial Expression Analysis and Remote Sensing

The subject of this thesis is the application of Support Vector Machines on two totally different applications, facial expressions recognition and remote sensing.The basic idea of kernel algorithms is to transpose input data in a higher dimensional space, the feature space, in which linear operations on the data can be processed more easily. These operations in the feature space can be expressed in terms of input data thanks to the kernel functions. Support Vector Machines is a classifier using this kernel method by computing, in the feature space and on basis of examples of the different classes, hyperplanes that separate the classes. The hyperplanes in the feature space correspond to non linear surfaces in the input space.Concerning facial expressions, the aim is to train and test a classifier able to recognise, on basis of some pictures of faces, which emotion (among these six ones: anger, disgust, fear, joy, sad, and surprise) that is expressed by the person in the picture. In this application, each picture has to be seen has a point in an N-dimensional space where N is the number of pixels in the image.The second application is the detection of camouflage nets hidden in vegetation using a hyperspectral image taken by an aircraft.

Design och optimering av lagertätning : Hos hydrodynamiska oljeglidlager med labyrinttätning

ABB Motors and Generators manufacture large AC machines with oil lubricated plainbearings. The machines have occasional problems with oil leakage from the bearings. aproblem that ABB wants to be solved.In this thesis the cause of this leakage were investigated, with focus on the bearingseals.The purpose of this work was also to suggest amndments for preventing thisproblem. , and to suggest improvements that can prevent this. The first step was todo a literature survey of earlier work on this problem, study the theory ofhydrodynamic bearings and different types of seals and their properties.

Slitundersökning för jordbearbetning och sådd :

In this study we try to focus on the costs for wear parts on different type of soil tillage machines and at Väderstad Rapid drilling machine. We have studied some of the leading types of cultivators and disk harrows. Among the cultivators we have investigated Väderstad Cultus, Dalbo Dinkomax, Horsch Tiger and Terrano. At disk harrow we have looked at Amazone Catros and Väderstad Carrier. We have made more detailed study on costs for wear parts, working depth, driving speed and diesel consumption.

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