Medskyldig till folkmord? En studie om internationella samfundets inblandning i folkmordet i Rwanda 1994.

The Rwandan genocide 1994 was a well-planned and ethnic based act that killedapproximately 900 000 people. The UN and the colonial powers are getting much attentionand are worldly discussed about the failure of interference before and during the genocide. Inthis study the history of colonial Rwanda will be analyzed and the UN relation will bediscussed. This will be done by examining how the colonial powers have affected Rwandathrough history and how the UN have responded upon the challenges towards Human Rights.Questions about accountability and failure will also be discussed and analyzed. This has beendone by analyzing highly reliable documents and books by NGOs and scholars. The purposeof this paper is to acknowledge the fact that the global authorities had responsibility againstthe people in Rwanda but acted in a way that seemed surprisingly odd which is stillquestioned today.


Magdalena Tilling

Lärosäte och institution

Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättighetsstudier


"Övriga arbeten". Paper/studentarbete skrivna inom studentens andra terminen (31,5-60 högskolepoäng).

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