Energikartläggning och energieffektiviseringsåtgärder i Zoologen på Göteborgs Universitet

The question of excessive global energy use needs to be solved. All energy production and usage have negative environmental impacts, which are best solved by reducing energy consumption and by using energy more efficiently. A large part of the Swedish energy use is concentrated to the building sector and to reduce the total energy consumption real efforts need to be made to make buildings more energy efficient.The aim of this study was to investigate how energy is used in one of Göteborg University?s buildings and to find measures that can be taken to improve its energy efficiency. The chosen building Zoologen, is used for research and education.The main method of the study is computer simulations of the present building and of possible energy reducing measures to be made in the future. Visual inspections at day and night have also been made and a questionnaire handed out to the employees working in the building. Measures dealing with the building envelope, ventilation and the utilities have been investigated.The study shows that the largest part of the building?s energy use can be traced to the ventilation and the utilities. This is where the biggest energy savings can be made. Different measures, such as changes in the ventilation and installing presence controlled lighting, are recommended by the author. The results of the study, and the recommended measures, can also be used for increasing the energy efficiency in other buildings.


Emma Petersson

Lärosäte och institution

Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper


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