"Det känns lite knepigt att kalla en skulptur för text" En studie av svensklärares syn på det vidgade textbegreppet i gymnasieskolan

This study aims to draw attention to the discourse of Swedish language teachers and their literary repertoires from a didactic perspective. This leeds to the following inquiries: ?how to define and delineate a broader concept of text;? ?how realized is this concept in Swedish upper secondary schools;? and ?how does the use of the broader concept of text effect the ability to learn.? The empirical data comprise group interviews with six teachers who work at two different schools, in different towns, located in southern Sweden. The data are transcribed and carefully analysed by tools consistent with methodological approaches. The theoretical framework consists of discursive psychology. From the previous research, we present various scientists? definitions of text, and we examine concepts such as ?reading,? ?literacy,? and ?mediacy.? We account for a relevant reception theory and for the problem with the use and the value of various texts. The results show that the broader concept of text is not realized in the discourse among Swedish language teachers, that a problem exists with defining the concept, and that the broader concept of text supports learning, but the teachers do not mention this explicitly.


Malin Nermark Charlotta Skoogh

Lärosäte och institution

Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för lärarutbildning (LUT)


"Kandidatuppsats". Självständigt arbete (examensarbete ) om minst 15 högskolepoäng utfört för att erhålla kandidatexamen.

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