Darfur - Ett utdraget Rwanda?

In the Darfur region, located in the West of Sudan, there is a conflict between rebel groups and the government-supported Janjaweed militia. The fighting?s, which started in 2003, has caused the loss of at least 200 000 human life and more than 2 million people have fled their homes. The conflict has been described as a? prolonged Rwanda?. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 was a well organized and mass murder of the ethnic group Tutsi. The United Nations were aware of what was going on but did not act until it was too late. Now one fears that history is repeating it self. Is the Darfurconflict, which the Sudanese government want to describe as civil war, in fact a war between different ethnic groups? Is the conflict in fact genocide?My intent with this article is to examine whether the conflict in Darfur can be classified as genocide. If the two situations are comparable the UN has not only a legal obligation but also a moral duty to intervene. I will use Rwanda as an example to see the criteria the UN uses for classifying a conflict. I will then compare the two situations with each other.


Madeleine Melinder

Lärosäte och institution

Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättighetsstudier


"Övriga arbeten". Paper/studentarbete skrivna inom studentens andra terminen (31,5-60 högskolepoäng).

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