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Ungdomsvåld : Ungdomars föreställningar om ungdomsvåld och dess orsaker

The purpose of this essay was to examine teenager's views on violence among Young people.Our main questions were: What kind of views on violence among Young people do teenager's have? What do teenager's think about what causes violence among Young people? In what way does scientific knowledge confirm Young people's views about what causes violence among Young people?To answer these questions we designed a questionnaire which we distributed in three 8th grade classes. We also interviewed five teenagers about violence among Young people, to get a deeper knowledge about their views.The results of this study show that the teenagers think that violence among Young people has increased and that the violence mostly appears between different groups of Young people. The teenagers also think violence among Young people as a phenomena due to different kind of reasons..

Unga Kommunpolitiker : Varför blir vissa unga kommunpolitiker, hur upplever de att det är och vad tycker de ska göras för att engagera fler unga inom politiken?

AbstractC-essay in political science by Anna BryntessonSupervisor: Michele MichelettiSpring 2006?Young municipality politicians - Why some Young people become municipality politicians, how they think it is andwhat they think should be done to engage more Young people in politics??The Swedish municipalities have problem with that they doesen´t have many politicians under 30 years. Many of the Young people who become politicians drop out after a short while. The conclusion of this is that the Swedish municipalities have problems to engage Young people in politics.The purpose of this essay is to study and try to find out what Young people think about politics? This is done with personally interviews with 7 Young municipality politicians from the municipality of Eda.The specific research questions are:? Who are they which became Young municipality politicians?? What was the reason that they became politicians?? How do they look at municipality politics?? Which roll and function does the Young people have as a municipality politician?? What do they think should be done to get more Young people to engaged in politics and become a municipality politician?The Young Eda politician is a girl living in a house in the country and she has middle education.

 Unga föräldrar :  En kvalitativ studie om ungt föräldraskap sett utifrån professionellas perspektiv

The purpose of this paper was to examine how Young parenthood is represented by the professionals and their thoughts and experiences from meetings with the Young parents, and how the professionals work with this group of parents. As professionals we refer to those who work with Young parents, and the definition of Young parents are parents in the ages 15-24. The paper also discusses what needs these parents have, and what kind of support the society offers, according to the professionals. The method we worked with was interviews and we interviewed six professionals to find out how the professionals looked upon the Young parents and their situation. Earlier research has stated that Young parenthood is associated with many risks and disadvantages for both the parents and their children.

Nonprofitorganisationer inom vård och omsorg : en kunskapsöversikt

Our study aims to discover how Young men aged 15-19 perceive the image of men in women?s magazines. To do this we let eight Young men read the two women?s magazines most read by Young women their own age, Vecko Revyn and Cosmopolitan. We want to find whether they consider this image to be representative of their own reality.

Att arbeta för ungdomar på folkbibliotek: Hur visar sig bibliotekariens synsätt och kunskaper?

The aim of this thesis is to explore how librarians approach to and knowledge of Young people can be seen in their work methods and in activities arranged for Young people. I also want to investigate other factors that librarians think can affect how they work. Five interviews were carried out with five librarians who worked with Young people at public libraries. The literature review covers; Young peoples needs and leisure activities, Young peoples attitudes to libraries, activities arranged for them and towards departments for Young people at public libraries. Literature dealing with librarians` attitudes and knowledge of Young people was also included.

Socialisationen av kvinnlig sexualitet på behandlingshem för unga kvinnor : ett symbolisk interaktionistiskt perspektiv

Using a symbolic interactionistic analytical approach, this essay aims to study the socialisation of Young women?s sexuality in treatment institutions for Young women. Through qualitative interviews with staff members at said institutions, concerning their views on Young female sexuality, and how they discuss sexuality with the Young women in the institutions, my aim was to identify the socialisation of Young women?s sexuality. I have also investigated how the staff experiences their own sex as an important factor in conversations about sexuality with Young women, as well as the possible effect sexually mixed or sexually segregated institutions exert upon conversations about sexuality.

Hur kan de inte se att jag är muslim? : En intervjustudie med sex ungdomar med bosniskt ursprung om religiös identitet.

The purpose of this essay was to examine the role of religious beliefs, actions and practice in Young people's own description of their identity. An additional goal was to examine how Young people describe their identity in relation to their primary and secondary socialization. A qualitative method was used with semi - structured interviews and six Young people between the ages of 18 and 23 were interviewed.            The interview results show that three out of the six Young people think of themselves as religious while the remaining three emphasize that they are secularized Muslims. The results also show that the Young people emphasize that the celebration of feasts in the family is the main focus.  Four out of the six Young people point out that they are themselves among friends, their families and in the mosque, while the remaining two feel a communion with their Muslim friends and people in the mosque.       Three out of the six Young people consume alcohol and eat pork, while the remaining three refrain from this. The Young people emphasize that their beliefs are a personal matter between themselves and God, and that their actions don't define them as being Muslims or non-Muslims..

Referensgrupper för ungdomar på folkbibliotek en bra idé?

The aim of this master thesis is to find out if Young people and librarians think that reference groups can support public libraries to meet the needs of Young people, and if the reference groups, which the librarians describe, differentiates from the Young peoples requirements. I have made a qualitative study with a questionnaire to six librarians who have experience from reference groups and ten interviews with teenagers. The result showed that Young people have many interests and needs which can be met from the library. The teenagers were positive to the library and many of them showed interest in having more influence on the library. Many would like to join a reference group, but on the condition that they would be offered real influence.

Ungdomars mognad, en avgörande faktor : en kvalitativ studie inriktad på en grupp föräldrar gällande tillhandahållande av alkohol till sina barn

Our purpose was to shed light on how parents act in respect of providing alcohol to Young people when they ask for a taste of home, or wish to bring alcohol to such a party. We used qualitative interviews and the results show that some of the respondents think that it may be acceptable to provide alcohol, while some do not. The results also show that the respondents think that parents are important as a model for the Young. They could not purchase alcohol for the purpose of giving it to the Young but only if alcohol is available at home. The reason for this behavior is the parents' assessment that the Young person demonstrates a level of maturity for his age that they are presumed to be able to handle a small amount of alcohol.

Bloggbilder : unga tjejers syn på foto på nätet

Blogpics ? Young girls views on photography online Young people create new forms of social interaction on the internet, and in Sweden, especially Young girls, have become very active bloggers. Girls write, publish pictures and build networks with, mostly, other girls.  This new phenonomen has been described in Swedish media partly as a problem, where adults are worried that the information the Young girls publish about themselves is too personal, and can be used for the wrong purposes. It has also been suggested that the content of Young girls blogs has little value, beeing mostly narcissitic, superficial and obsessed with fashion and shopping. The purpose of this paper has been to investigate how Young girls reflect upon their photographic communication on the internet.  The idea has been to ask the girls themselves about their own experiences, to get a more complete picture of them as internet users, to investigate their communication strategies and solutions when it comes to net integrity  and to talk about how they create gender and identity online..

Frizon för ungdomar? ? En studie av ett ungdomsrum på folkbibliotek

This Master?s thesis concerns the question why a public library establishes a special room for Young people and how the Young people can influence the activities. I have made interviews with two librarians and four teenagers from a reference group. I have also made an observation of the room. The most important theories are Pierre Bourdieu?stheory of symbolic capital and Mats Lieberg?s theory of free zones.

Luxury fashion brands on social media: a study of young

The implementation of this research increases the awareness of the value for luxury fashion brands in utilizing social media as a communication channel to reach Young consumers globally. It provides a general understanding of Young consumers? perception of luxury fashion brands on social media in regards to geographic cultural background, attitude towards new luxury, and preferred way of contacts..

Familjens förlängda arm : - En kvalitativ studie om hur unga mäns situation inom hederskontexten kan se ut.

The aim of this study has been to highlight the situation for Young men within the context of honour. The aim has also been to highlight the restrictions of Young men within the context of honour, and how they rebel against those demands. The study was based on a qualitative research method and carried out in Sweden. The results have been analyzed using the hermeneutic perspective. The results showed that the situation for Young men within the context of honour is often manifested by controlling their sisters and the expectation that the Young men support their families in the future by marring a woman who has been approved by the collective.

"Det är ett kluvet grattis!": en studie om unga mammors föräldraskap ur professionellas perspektiv.

The purpose of this study was to examine parenthood of Young mothers from a professional point of view. The professionals work in a medium-sized city in Sweden and they represent different professions to give a broad perspective of the subject. The questions in the study were: What were the advantages of being a Young mother of today and were there any problems with being a Young mother, from the professionals perspective? What role did Young mothers network and family play, from a professional point of view? From a professional point of view, how well did society handle Young parenthood? How do the professionals handle the Young mothers they met? Studies with reference to professionals' thoughts and expectations of Young mothers were few, therefore the professionals were given a central position in this study. A qualitative method was chosen, for this study.

Identitet och påverkan: om unga kvinnor och skönlitteratur

The purpose of this Master's Thesis is to explore the influence of fiction on the identity and self-esteem of Young women. The purpose is also to investigate if there are any books that they consider to be of importance for their identity. Furthermore, I investigate what appeals to Young women generally in fiction and if it is difficult for them to find books that appeal to them. The primary question posed in this thesis is: How does fiction influence the identity development of Young women? The data collection is based on literature on the subject and on interviews with eight Young women between 15 and 20 years old.

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