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Design Perception in Sweden and Turkey: A Comparison of Two Culturally Different Countries

The purpose of current paper is to identify the differences (ifany) between Swedish and Turkish consumers in terms ofproduct design perception and to identify the differences toproduct design in relating the four dimensions / characteristics:1.Aesthetical attractiveness, 2.Functionality, 3.Value and4.Quality.The findings of the study indicate the existence of a universal perception of design. Despite the culturally different countries that are examined the empirical material consistently display similarities between the two countries. Both the quantitative and qualitative data point to a very similar perception in terms of design. The possibilities of global design are discussed for companies as well as managerial implications and future research..

Fair Trade: A Study of Consumers? Perception and Knowledge in a Minor Town in Sweden

The purpose of this thesis is to get a better understanding of consumers? perception and knowledge of Fair Trade and Fair Trade products in Sweden. Literature was reviewed before the empirical research was conducted. A quantitative method, in form of a questionnaire survey, has been used. We have entered different areas related to our topic.

Produktplaceringar - i vilken utsträckning uppmärksammar vi dem och hur upplevs de?

En sammanfattning av uppsatsen på maximalt 8000 tecken..

Managers´ perception of leadership in the 21st Century

We have decided to conduct a case study of German and Swedish mid-level managers within the automobile industry. Primarily we used a qualitative method of investigation and a phenomenographical methodological approach in order to conduct an in depth analysis. We conducted semi-structured interviews with six mid-level managers each in Germany and Sweden. The semi-structured interviews allowed us to conduct flexible interviews which enabled these managers to speak relatively freely about their own view of leadership. Throughout our investigation we have based our results on the empirical findings and at the same time sought explanations to different phenomenon in relevant secondary data, such as management literature, thus used the abductive method of investigation..

Kunders perception av företags image - en fallstudie i imageskapande

Syftet med denna uppsats har varit att öka förståelsen för kunders perception av företags miljödesign och hur detta påverkar deras uppfattning om företags image. Uppsatsen grundar sig på ett fallföretag, SEB i Lund. Den emiriska analysen har sin grund i kalitativa djupintervjuer gjorda med SEB och med SEBs kunder. Att kunder reflekterar över miljödesign är något som framkommer i studien. Studien indikerar att de krav kunderna har på en bank framförallt är helhetskänslan, som skall vara inbjudande och intressant.

Bilden av Kina ? Kinas bild : Kinesiska försök till vilseledning genom media

China has a long tradition of using deception and psychological tactics. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China displayed extensive Perception management, aiming at showing a better picture of China. The purpose of this study is to examine if China has continued to display a distorted image since the Olympics and if it could be classified as attempts on deception directed towards a western audience.By combining case studies with descriptive, comparative and a qualitative content analysis method, three cases are researched in order to establish how they are portrayed in the Chinese newspaper China Daily and the BBC News. The differences discovered are matched with the six different kinds of deception presented in Barton Whaley?s general deception theory.In all three cases, numerous examples can be found which indicates that China attempts to deceive their western audience through the media.

Om värld och bevakning : en studie av en företagslednings omvärldsbild och dess samband med omvärldsbevakningen

Background: Increasing globalization makes companies more influenced than before by actors and factors in their environment. For some this has lead to a more dynamic and complicated business context. Therefore it is of strategic importance to understand what is currently going on as well as to have a general idea of what the future brings. Purpose: To contribute to a deeper understanding of how a corporate management can perceive its business environment and how it affects he gathering of business information from a strategic perspective. Realisation: In-depth interviews were conducted with all four members of the management in the studied company, Volvo Competence Center in Skovde, Sweden.

Skrivinlärning : En studie om motorikens betydelse i undervisningen

Motorik och perception är viktigta delar i alla barns utveckling,men hur viktgt är det för banrets skrivinlärning. Syftet med denna uppsats är att ta reda på hur pedagoerna ser på sambandet mellan motorik, perception och skrivinlärning och vad säger forskningen.Vad gör pedagogerna om de ser att barn har problem med motrik, perception eller skrivinlärning för att hjälpa barnet inom dessa områden. Hur påverkar det pedagogernas arbete samt hur påverkar det barnet om denne har sårigheter inom motrik och perception..

Textstorlekens påverkan

Purpose;the purpose of this study is to investigate whether a product ad observer's purchase intention, perception of product quality, brand image perception and price perception is affected depending on the size of the text that was used in the ad to communicate the product price.Methodology;the study was conducted using a quantitative method through a survey. The implementation of the study has been done by using three variants of the same suit ad where the three different variants have been manipulated on the text size on the price information, by reduced / increased the text size. The implementation has also been carried out using two different ad sender, with three ads for each sender.Result and conclusion;the text size on the price of a product ad mainly affects the observer's price and quality perception, where the small text will have a positive effect on quality perception and a negative effect on the quality perception. Even brand image changes depending on the text size where small text will have a positive effect..

En studie om sociala medier och perception

Earlier studies and research on the subject of perception and social media during the working process resulted in a change of the problem. At first the focus of the study was to examine how social media affects the perception of a brand although later on the problem had to be developed to instead examine if social media reflects the perception of a brand. The purpose of this study is to figure out if social media reflects consumer?s perception of a brand. This will contribute to company?s knowledge on how important social media is in their branding and will give pointers on how many resources that is necessary to spend on branding in social media.

Mincing the brand ? A study of the relationship between private labels and retailer brands

Purpose: To contribute to the understanding of the relationship between private labels and the retailer brand in grocery retailing. Methodology: We use structured interviews as a cross-sectional method for quantitative data collection. The existence of the relationship is tested through correlation analysis and regression analysis. Theoretical perspective: Perceived quality of private labels and of retailers are the main theoretical concepts for this thesis. Additionally, we introduce the concept of loyalty to show the benefits of a positive consumer image.

Humorstilar, Emotionell Perception och Kön ? Vem skrattar mest och vem skrattar sist?

The main aim of this research was to investigate four humour styles, affiliative, self-enhancing, aggressive, and self-defeating humour, and compare these with emotional perception. Forty-eight persons took part in the research, 27 women and 21 men living in the southern part of Sweden. Two humour tests were used: the Humour Scale Questionnaire ? HSQ, with 32 items, and a newly composed video test, assembled after pilot testing from 26 video clips, the Humour Video Questionnaire ? HVQ. To measure perception and interpretation of emotion, the revised version of the ?Reading the Mind in the Eyes? Test was used.

Begreppet individ, hos Leibniz och Spinoza, sa?som singula?rt och del i va?rldens ma?ngfald

This thesis deals with the concepts of individual and individuation as defined by Leibniz and Spinoza. I go through the use and definition of the concept of individual in four stages.First I discuss the individual as conceived by Spinoza as a relation formed by a composition of parts and the individual as conceived by Leibniz as a complete notion consisting of all the events in the life of a subject.Next is the roll of perception in Leibniz discussed, likewise individuation through different perception with varying distinctness, and the affinity of perception with affection.The discussions concerning the individual concludes in a section about the essence of the individual as being the desire of the individual. In the last stage, I discuss the multitude as being an own individual..

Rörelsens generativa kraft : Den kroppsliga rörelsen som varseblivningens möjlighetsbetingelse

The standard model concerning the relationship between perception and motility is linear and one-way. It depicts the flow between the two as moving from sensation to perception to representation to computation, and finally, to motility and action. According to this model, animal being is basically a bundle of reflexes. But what can correctly be considered a bundle of reflexes from a natural science point of view, doesn't necessarily have to be true. This conception does not take into consideration the more complex interactions between motility and perception that constitutes, or generates, animal and human beings.

Tvådimensionella rum

We are always surrounded by space, not just only in a room with four walls, but also when we are outdoors.Constantly we move in a flow of space that changes whenever we move. Unaware we are affectedby this threedimensional surrounding of ours, and it reacts with our perception. Many times, we chooseto translate it into something two-dimensional, for example when we take a photo, recording a movie orframing a view with a window. It helps us to catch a moment, a piece of reality and restore it in our ownway. In this project I?ve chosen to explore this process, to interpret and create my own theories about thistranslation from space to a two-dimensional surface.

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