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Manliga veganer : En narrativanalys om manliga veganer och maskulinitet

The purpose of this essay is to investigate the subject field of male vegans and masculinities through empirical method interviews and narrative analysis. The starting-point for this essay is animal ethics, feminist ethic vegetarianism and theories that suggest that eating meat is one part of the social construction of masculinities. The problem formulation is such as follows:How do male vegans construct masculinity? In an attempt to answer such a question there are three problem formulations:What do male vegans think about the connection between manhood and eating meat?How do male vegans relate to the norms in society?What do male vegans think of stereotype conceptions about vegans?I will come to the conclusion that male vegans think that eating meat, as well as drinking beer, is one part of the social construction of masculinities. Male vegans are aware of norms in the surroundings and the strong attachment of meat Normativity in the western culture.

"Inte som alla andra" : En kvalitativ studie om en grupp vuxna med Asperger syndrom

Normal children acquire the necessary social habits without being consciously aware of this, they learn instinctively. (Author?s translation from Swedish to English) (Asperger & Frith, 1998, s. 21) This essay is about people who do not learn to socialize, the social habits, instinctively but through conscious learning. We have interviewed three adults with the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome with the aim to let them tell us about what it means to have a neuropsychiatric disability.

Likabehandling : Men på vilka grunder?

The Act Prohibiting Discrimination and Other Degrading Treatment of Children and School Students (2006:67) entered into force on 1 of April 2006. The purpose of this Act is to promote equal rights for children and school students and to combat discrimination on the five discrimination grounds of sex, ethnic origin, religion or other belief, sexual orientation or disability. This Act also has the purpose of combating other degrading treatment. According to the Act the organiser of the activity shall insure that there is an equal treatment plan that aims to promote the equal rights for children and school students irrespective of the five discrimination grounds. Discrimination is a result of the social norms which tends to exclude people who does not fit in and therefore considerers as being abnormal.

Om smak skall här diskuteras : En kvalitativ textstudie med fokus på normativitet i behandlingen av EU i litteratur för kursen Samhällskunskap A

This work is an attempt to study how the ambivalent demands of Normativity in the Swedish curriculum is implemented in schoolbooks used for education in the course Samhällskunskap A. For this purpose, different normative theories are applied in conjunction with a qualitative text analysis method comprising the sections which describe the European Union in three different schoolbooks. The results indicate that not one of the selected books uphold all of the demands of normativitity as described by the Swedish curriculum..

Bröst, rumpor och kroppsstrumpor - en kvinnas självförtroende är aldrig längre bort än närmsta shoppingcenter

AbstractKarin Johansson, Institutionen för genusvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet, 2007.?Bröst, rumpor och kroppsstrumpor: En kvinnas självförtroende är aldrig längre bort än närmsta shoppingcenter?.In Kanal 5?s production Snygg naken, based on the British television show How to look good naked, eight women undergo a make-over which is said to enhance their self-confidence and transform their attitudes toward their bodies. This, in turn, is accomplished with the assistance of a stylist and an undergarment expert. However, the transformations are based on normative structures and ideas regarding the female body, which, on the one hand governs the participants? needs for a make-over in the first place, and on the other hand forms the basis of the experts? authority.

Hard Decisons, Soft Laws : Exploring the authority and the political impact of soft law in international law

The question of whether there is soft law in international law has been as much the subject of contemporary debate as whether or not there is private legal authority in the international society. The legal boundaries seem to be blurred by the process of globalisation and the recent shift in international law. The traditional definition of international law has been outdated as new forms of treaties has introduced new subject of law to the judicial arena. At the same time a supplementary map of law has been added to the cartography of international law, soft law. These correlating processes have comprehensive political and legal consequences at both the international and national levels.

Ladies av Mara Lee? en chick-lit som alla andra? : En narratologisk och diskursanalytisk studie av Ladies och chick-lit-genren.

My thesis deals with the novel Ladies, written in 2007 by the Swedish author Mara Lee. When published, it was received as a book belonging to the chick lit genre but still got good reviews. This combination is really unusual and awoke my interest in the novel. My thesis is therefore an analysis whether Ladies can be considered a chick lit novel or not, and in what way it is similar to or differs from the genre. I start my thesis with an overview of former research of chick lit and what earlier was called trivial literature.

Kompetens och ansvar kring hbt och homofobi i skolan : Intervjustudie med lärare i årskurs 7-9

Many reports infer that questions of HBT and homophobia are either poorly addressed or not addressed at all in schools today. This study is based on interviews with teachers of students aged 13 to 15. It is an inquiry to the teacher's thoughts about, knowledge of, and sense of responsibility to inform students of the subjects 'Queer', 'HBT', and 'Homophobia'. Who is responsible for educating the students regarding these subjects and what do teachers think about including these subjects in their curriculum? How do the teachers describe their knowledge of the subjects? Do they require further knowledge themselves in order to educate others in a proper way? The study is grounded in queer theories.

Kvinnor och Medier : En studie om hur tidskriften Glamour konstruerar stereotypa kvinnobilder på sina omslag

Sweden has an active and growing culture of feminist comic book artists that use comedy as a mean of disseminating political ideas and critic. In this essay I do a reparative reading of Sara Granér?s comic book All I Want for Christmas is planekonomi in order to find out if it advocates alternative orders and/or ways of expression. By exploring what the comic book does to me as a reader and how, using the term ?skev? ? a hybrid of queer that examines Normativity not strictly tied to sexuality ? and gulesque theory ? a mix of feminism, cuteness, the grotesque and riot grrrl ?, I show that the comic book, through the use of comedy, works as a trojan My Little Pony, reclaiming the girly franchise, while challenging several so-called dichotomies, such as: femininity/masculinity; youth/adult; high art/kitsch.

Det är förstås lite konstigt att vara flicka : En queerfeministisk läsning av fyra Sigge Stark-romaner

In this essay, I make a queer feminist analysis of four novels written by the Swedish author Sigge Stark. The novels are: Uggleboet, Manhatareklubben, Cirkus Demonio och Baskerflickan. Using Judith Butler's theories I examine the relations between sex/gender and sexuality in the four books and show how the construction of gender is performed and the heterosexual Normativity is jeopardized. I also examine whether, and if so how, Sigge Stark uses the romantic and the gothic genres to include transcending gender identities and sexualities in her work. The essay also includes a contextualisation of her prerequisities as an author and the necessity in performing a critical analysis of mass produced romantic literature..

Skeva flickexemplar : En queerteoretisk studie om femininitet och sexualitet i Sara Stridsbergs Darling River

The aim of this essay is to study constructions of femininity and sexuality in Sara Stridsberg?s novel Darling River (2010). The analysis is based on queer theory and the term ?skev? ? a variation of ?queer? that allows one to focus on additional forms of Normativity apart from sexual desire ? and examines how the characters of the novel are challenging the heteronormative framework by performing gender and sexuality in non-normative, subversive ways. In short, I discuss how the relationship between femininity, body and destiny is being portrayed, how the characters question heteroNormativity by overdoing femininity, and by being unable (unwilling) to perform adult femininity.

En värld full av möjligheter eller en redogörelse för hans och hennes? ? en studie om hur genus framställs i förskolors bilderböcker

The purpose of this study was to examine gender depiction in picture books in preschools. Our experience is that many picture books contain old-fashioned gender stereotypes. During the analysing process, we used the following theories: Yvonne Hirdman?s theory about the stereotypic gender contract and Lev Vygotskij?s theory about experiences increasing our ability to fantasize. We read through 154 picture books in two preschools and categorized them into two categories: normative and non-normative books.

Taggad! : Identitetsskapande och sja?lvpresentation genom taggning pa? en svensk dejtingsajt

This study investigates how tagging is being used in a new way when members of a Swedish dating site get to tag themselves in an act of self-presentation with the aim of meeting new people. In the study seven members of the dating site Mazily were interviewed about their self-presentation, tagging and identity formation there. The questions concerned how they formed their own tags, but also how they interpret and use other members' tags in their search for a potential partner.I have been using queer theories for this study, in order to find out what kind of norms and structures that lie behind and affect the members' behaviour on the website. My study finds that the interviewed members to a high degree reflect about both their own and other members tagging and self-presentations. Although they spend quite some time trying to analyse other people on the website they have a great sense of understanding that a person may give two very different impressions on the site and offline.

Barns och ungas livsfrågor och ämnet livskunskap : Existentiella teman på BRIS diskussionsforum

Normal children acquire the necessary social habits without being consciously aware of this, they learn instinctively. (Author?s translation from Swedish to English) (Asperger & Frith, 1998, s. 21) This essay is about people who do not learn to socialize, the social habits, instinctively but through conscious learning. We have interviewed three adults with the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome with the aim to let them tell us about what it means to have a neuropsychiatric disability.

"Det" - Profession och giltighetsanspråk i läraryrket

During my one year master in pedagogic science, I was frequently given the impression that depicts the pedagogue?s profession as a rather transcendent talent or, more precisely, a matter of having ?it? or not. It seemed to me, as if the communicative part of the teacher?s specialised skill was more or less undefined in the description of what makes the pedagogue a professional pedagogue. On those premisses, I was led to the aim of this study, which is pursuing the very essence of the profession by discussing how five teachers validate their daily work from a habermasian perspective on communication, society and pedagogy.

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