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Ungdomar och kriminalitet i Hammarkullen En studie om ungdomarnas syn på segregation som bakomliggande riskfaktor för kriminalitet

The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze young people´s views on youth crime and segregation in ?multicultural? suburb Hammarkullen in Gothenburg, Sweden.We especially want to point out their views on the relationship between segregation and youth crime as the underlying risk factor for criminality.Through group- and individual interviews with young people, we have tried to address the following issues:? What do young people in the suburb think of segregation?? What are the views of young people in Hammarkullen about youth crimes?? How do young people in the suburbs view the relationship between segregation and youth crime?To achieve our objective and to answer our questions, we have chosen to have a qualitative approach.Since the purpose of the essay is to get an idea of how the suburban youth are looking at segregation, crime and the relationship between them, we believe that the qualitative approach is the right tool to use for this study.The empirical material consists of three interviews, one group-and two individual interviews, with 11 young people at the age of 16-18, conducted over a period of four weeks.In the results we will present how young people look at suburban segregation, crime and the connection between them..