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Reflekteras det nya insatsförsvaret i utbildningen till officer? : En komparativ studie av det militärhistoriska ämnets kursplaner och inriktning i krigsvetenskap på Försvarshögskolan och West Point

This paper examines whether the American officer?s education at West Point and the Swedish officer?s education at the Military Academy Karlberg have adapted their history of the military art education in accordance to the new requirements of the Armed Forces and its focus on the operational defense. Sweden is evolving towards an operational defense and so is the United States. This in turn requires that training and education keep up with the changes. The National Defense College in Sweden do not focus the teaching of advanced history, which happened beforet he invention of the engine, in the officer?s training program, while the American education is rather advanced, with special focus on events taken place in the 19th century up to the Cold War.

NATO operativa planeringsmodell (GOP) prövad i operation Weserübung-nord

C-uppsats som avhandlar de centrala begreppen i Guidelines for Operational Planning(GOP) (Centre of Gravity, Decisive Points, Direct and Indirect Approach, Culmination,Manoeuvre, Temp, Operational pause och Lines of operation) granskat i ett historisktperspektiv.Uppsatsen försöker verifiera hypotesen att Guidelines for operational planning (GOP)centrala begrepp fungerar och är applicerbara på alla operationer. Ett belägg för detta är attman kan identifiera begreppen i en historisk operation.Tyska väpnade styrkor från Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine och Luftwaffe genomförde ett anfallöver havet och i luften mot Norge den 9 april 1940. Operationen var av tyskarna döpt tilloperation Weserübung-nord och var mycket vågad. I uppsatsen kommer denna operation attvara det historiska perspektivet.

Fred och säkerhet? : En studie om det Svenska Försvaret utifrån tre perspektiv, Bonsdorff, Andrén och Clausewitz

Following an increase in hostile foreign activity. The discussion regarding Sweden?s defense force´s ability to perform its task has come to a new heading. With the end of the cold war as a major revolution in matters of international security, a major overhaul has taken place to transform the static total defense plan of the nation to a less rigid operational system.Following an analysis of the budgets total amount from the governments of 2002 until 2015 it is clear that while the amount of resources has never directly been lowered, it has shrunk in relation to the countries total GDP. The possible futures for the defense of Sweden bring three possibilities forward in correlation three unique perspectives on military and political policy.Out of the three possibilities the focus on military strength as a political resource seems to be garnering the most support with the latest incursions made my foreign submersibles and the ever growing presence of 5th generation of warfare.

Oförsvarbart : argumentationen i media rörande Försvarsmaktens avveckling av överskott 2000-2003

The Swedish Military Defence is about to make a large reorganization. Surplus, everything from tanks to personal underwear, enough to equip 800,000 soldiers will be destroyed or sold to the highest bidder. This thesis is a discourse analysis about the argumentation in media between the Military and the enthusiast, who are interested in military vehicles and military surplus..

När EU togs till folkhemsförsvaret - Översättningen av europeiska normer till Försvarsmakten

The Swedish Armed Forces have gone through a remarkable change. From beingan organisation built on the notion of countering a Soviet invasion it has evolvedto focusing on small, multilateral rapid reaction capabilities to be used within theframework of the European security and defence policy, ESDP.This thesis regards the change as a process of Europeanisation. Drawing fromsociological and historical institutionalism, it is shown that the Swedish ArmedForces in the post-cold war context was path dependent and unwilling to redefineits historical raison d?être. The origin of the ESDP Europeanised the nationaldefence policy, whereas the bureaucracy was still unwilling to translate the newstructural norms.

Internationell närvaro- nationell frånvaro? En jämförande studie om återuppbyggnaden i Afghanistan och Kosovo med fokus på civil-militär samverkan

In this thesis the aim is to explore the connection between International presence and Reconstruction of Postconflict states. The focus in this Analyse is the concept of CIMIC which is the institutional concept of Civil-Military Co-operation in International relations and a concept in Peacebuilding Theory. The cases, which are the empirical Material, is Afghanistan and Kosovo, two most-different cases.The theoretical framework is primarily consider the mechanisms successful for the Reconstruction process in general and within CIMIC in particular. This framework including both theories of State failure and International administered Territories as well as Models for Civil- Military Co-operation.The International presence in Postconflict Societies plays a big role, even thou it is very important that initiatives for rebuilding comes from the state within. The essence of CIMIC is the civil component and the military, operating in Peacebuilding and Reconstruction missions.

Att bli utbildare : En studie av kadetters syn på hur de formas till utbildare

Background: Officers in the Swedish Armed Forces educates their soldiers in various skills and arenas. The Officers get their educational training in officer training courses conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces or the Swedish national defence college. The aim of this study was to find out how the cadets, belive that they are formed into educators, their views on the literature being used in the Swedish armed Forsces, and their views on leadership and educational science.Methods: The data for analysis were collected in spring 2010, by use of a questionnaire among cadets studying the tactical/operational program Ta/Op 07/10 at the Swedish national defence college. The respons rate was 69, 6 %.Results: The majority of the cadets thought that experience was the most important factor in becoming a good educator. Most of the cadets also thought that the literature being used by the Swedish armed forces was good, however, few cadets stated that they will use the material for reflection on their own teaching when working as officers.Conclusions: The Cadets had a positive attitude towards the educational philosphy and literature being used, but few will use the literature in reflecting on themselves as teachers.

Operationell risk i banker: Hantering och offentliggörande av operationell risk ? En studie av skandinaviska banker

Starting in January 2007, capital adequacy of internationally active banks will be regulated by the new Basel Capital Accord, International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards ? a revised framework, [Basel II]. The framework introduces for the first time minimum capital requirements for operational risk and encourages market discipline of capital adequacy by initiating requirements for public disclosure of quantitative and qualitative information on operational risk exposure. This thesis examines the nature, definition, management and public disclosure of operational risk in Scandinavian banks based on regulations and recommendations presented in Basel II. We find that the models currently available for addition of operational risk to the capital requirement do not reflect actual operational risk exposure of banks.

Kroppsuppfattning hos värnpliktiga män

Body awareness is a term that refers to a person´s perception and knowledge about his or her body. It includes proportion, size, weight, contour and image of ones body. The Ben- Tovim Walker Body Attitudes Questionnaire (BAQ) contains 44 questions concerning the different aspects of body awareness: Feeling fat, Body disparagement, Strength and fitness, Salience of weight, Attractiveness and Lower body fatness. The purpose of this study was to investigate body awareness among men in military recruit training. BAQ was distributed to fifty recruits for military service in Boden.

Individ i rotation - Om motiveringar för valet att söka utlandstjänst inom Sveriges försvarsmakt

The Swedish military is trough the rescindment of military conscription on the 1 July 2010 taking a defining step towards a professional army. They stand before big recruitment challenges, not least to its foreign missions. This thesis aims to examine the motivations of individuals for going on missions abroad with the military. The thesis is built on seven qualitative interviews with individuals who have done foreign missions and is planning further rotations. The theory used is Fabrizio Battistellis motivation theory and a form of discourse analysis.

Militärteorins inflytande på doktriner : William S. Linds påverkan på svensk doktrin för markoperationer.

Influences from military theory are a part of the development of military doctrines. This thesis has, by using a method with three different dichotomies, traced and classified influences from William S Lind?s theories regarding manoeuvre warfare in the Swedish military doctrine, for land operations. The purpose has been to discuss the connection between military theory and how the Swedish doctrine for land operations (DMarkO) has been formulated. It has also been to show what this influence depends on and what consequences it will present.The examination has shown that William S.

Examining Accuracy : Drönare och drönarangrepp: retorik, praktik och historia

The military conflicts of the early 21st century have seen the introduction and rise of a new military technology: the armed drone. With the United States acting as the driving force behind this technological advancement, the U.S Air Force and intelligence agency CIA have madedrones their weapon of choice for pursuing suspected terrorists and insurgents in various remotelocations. American military leaders and policy makers assert that the armed drone?s high levelof accuracy make it the best available weapons platform for this task. However, new researchshows that the use of drones may result in more civilian casualties than previously thought, andmay in fact be more fallible than conventional aircraft in this respect.

Ådalen och bloody sunday: En jämförande fallstudie av militärt våld

The 1900s saw two incidents of states using their military in civil disorder situations, which resulted in the killing of unarmed citizens. May 14, 1931 in Ådalen, marks a significant part of Swedish history and its view of the use of military force.  On that day, a peaceful protest march escalated, which resulted in live firing by the military stationed there to uphold law and order. This resulted in the deaths of five civilians and the prohibition of the use of military force in incidents of civil disorder. In 1972 in Northern Ireland a similar event took place on January 30, which is commonly known as Bloody Sunday. The Troubles were raging and resulted in protests for civil rights by nationalists.

?Normative Military Power Europe?: a contradiction in terms? : En fallstudie av EU:s militära insats i Somalia i förhållande till Normative Power Europe.

This thesis paper is based on Ian Manners Normative Power Europe-theory with a focus on EU?s military operation in Somalia. By examining documents from EU institutions in the form of reports concerning EU NAVFOR ? Operation ATALANTA ? EUTM Somalia ? EUCAP NESTOR. This study shows that the Normative Power Europe-theory can get expressed and that the EU continues its normative statements in Somalia. This result is an interesting contribution to the theory of Normative Power Europe witch have gotten a lot of critic about how a military operation should effect and diminish the theory..

Språkligt heterogena klasser : En studie av verksamma lärares arbete med andraspråkselever

The Swedish coastal defence took on a whole new meaning after the introduction of the coastal artillery in 1902. The establishment of the coastal artillery meant that the Swedish military had access to a whole new military branch, in addition to the Army and the Navy. Under the direction of one general, two regiments were established. One in Vaxholm and the second in the naval city of Karlskrona. The aim of this essay is to investigate how the Costal Artillery were established, by analyzing the parliamentary of the year 1901.

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