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Religionens roll i konsten och arkitekturen i antika Egypten

The purpose of this Bachelor thesis in religious history, is to examine how religion reflects in the artwork and in the architecture in old and new kingdom in ancient Egypt, also to explore how book of the death reflects in the artwork. By means of using the visual culture theory, I have analyzing the selected pice of art with myths and texts from the ancient religion, to been able to come the the results of this study. It was know that religion had a major part in the artwork of ancient Egypt, especially in the new kingdom. In the old kingdom pharaoh generally was in the centre of the art, but also the gods. In new kingdom they started to illustrate texts and myths from book of the death, and the life after death was of great matter.

Extreme Village Makeover : En studie om religionsskiftets betydelse för byarna Kyrkheddinge och Fjälkinge.

This essay revolves around the Christianisation of the Danish kingdom during the middle ages. Issues like; the length of the Christianisation process and the influence it had on thevillages? structural appearance in the Danish kingdom. A special case study of the villages Kyrkheddinge and Fjälkinge, Scania, is an essential part of the essay. Through writtenmaterial and excavation reports from the both villages the study enlightens the structural appearance of the village and the hierarchy of the farms in the village.

Hur har Schengensamarbetet påverkat främlingsfientligheten i Europas länder? : En studie av sambandet mellan främlingsfientlighet och Schengensamarbetets institutionella förändringar.

The xenophobic attitudes in Europe are stronger than even. Never before have the member states had as many right-wing parties in action. The aim with this report is therefore to consider whether the Schengen cooperation has had an influence on the development of xenophobia in the member states of EU. The Schengen cooperation became a part of the European Union in 1997, with the aim to abolish the internal border controls for citizens and strengthen the external boarders towards non-members. The intention is furthermore to investigate whether the distance to Schengen ?s external boarder has an impact on the xenophobic attitudes.Three countries are compared: Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Teaser trailer: konsten att väcka intresse hos en publik

Redan tidigt då jag besökte North Kingdom kom det upp förslag på studier som skulle kunna vara av intresse. Flera förslag fick man stryka direkt då de var mer programmeringsinriktade. Men det som fastna var förslaget att göra en teaser trailer. Tillsammans med Tomas Hillergren tog vi på oss den uppgiften, att skapa en teaser trailer till en fiktiv film eller ett spel. Då vi hade fria händer (det var inte kommersiellt) valde vi ett science fiction tema, inspirerat av The King In Yellow, en samling noveller av Robert W.

Den gudomliga människan : en komparativ studie av det tonganska hövdingadömet

This essay will examine the social organization in the archipelago of Tonga. To accomplish this purpose, archaic societies and structures such as ancient Egypt and Hawaii will be examined to obtain a closer understanding of the building blocks which constitute a chiefdom or kingdom. Since Patrick V. Kirch (2010) recently redefined the Hawaiian archipelago as a kingdom this essay will examine if the same can be done with the chiefdom of Tonga since it have similarities to the Hawaiian social organization.To do this the essay will examine and describe both the geographical organization of the states and the social organization. Social organization in this essay will be defined as an archaic state organization that requires several levels of administration to rule the society..

Vapenhandel : En kontradiktion till EU:s utvecklingspolitik?

Arms trade is a multi-faced issue, it can increase the state's economic revenue; however also endanger the human security. The European Union's member state United Kingdom is one of the five largest arms traders in the world. The EU promotes human security in its work, especially in the union's development policies. These circumstances address the main question of the study: is there a contradiction between the UK's arms trade and the EU development policies. The objective of this study is to research the stately weapon use in three of the UK's trading partners, and how it could affect the EU development policies.

En gemensam fiende? : -En jämförande studie om olika staters syn på terrorism

Even though terrorism has been on the political agenda for several years there is no general accepted definition of the phenomena of terrorism. Several scientist do also apply that terrorism have changed after the 9/11-attacks. The purpose with this thesis was to analyze and compare the image of terrorism represented by the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway, in an attempt to draw conclusions about similarities and differentials. The material that was used was these four nations individual counter terrorism strategy. This was made by using idea analysis and self constructed dimensions based on earlier science about security, terrorism and international law.

Hur animerar man enligt en kunds önskemål och storyboard?

Mina mål i denna uppsats är att beskriva hur man animerar så att kunden blir nöjd. Vad har kunden för inverkan på processen? Vad ska man tänka på? Projektet vi genomförde var att göra en trailer till ett spel som North Kingdom utvecklat till Disney. Vad gick bra i projektet? Vad gick mindre bra? Vad kunde ha gjorts annorlunda? Jag går igenom de grundläggande principerna inom animation och vad de används till.

Vad har påverkat utvecklingen av den etiska klädmarknaden? - En jämförande kvalitativ studie av Storbritannien och Sverige

There is a growing interest for ethical consumption, in general as well as in the clothing industry. The consumption of ethical clothes is a complex phenomenon though, where aspects such as quality, style, function, price, time assets, accessibility and ethical attitudes affect the decision making. Researches that have been executed show the diversities in development between different countries. There are fairly strong indications that the ethical clothing market is more advanced in the United Kingdom than in Sweden and therefore these two countries are objects of this research. The aim with this thesis is to describe and explain what have affected the development of the ethical clothing market in the United Kingdom compared to Sweden. For that reason a qualitative approach has mainly been used, where deep interviews with people within the ethical clothing industry have contributed to most of the empirical part. As a complement secondary data such as statistics of the two countries have been used in order to investigate our area. One useful tool, among others, to investigate the macro environment is the SLEPT model.

Fotboll för alla? En diskursanalys av det engelska och det svenska fotbollsförbundets offentliga publikationer.

Women?s football has, throughout history, been subject to the resistance of man?s world. The English football association forbid women?s teams to play on the association?s grounds. This ban lasted for 50 years and wasn?t dissolved until 1971.

Negotiating Work-Life Balance: Working Time Preferences and the European Working Time Directive

This thesis examines why working time preferences differ between workers and nations, and explains the effect of working time regulation and working time flexibility on negotiating work-life balance. In five separate sections the following working time issues are examined: the number of hours worked by workers in Europe; factors affecting individual working time preferences; how working time preferences are negotiated in the national industrial relations systems of Sweden, France and the United Kingdom; how the institutions of the European Union have influenced working time negotiations through the Working Time Directive; and the benefits and practices available to organisations implementing working time flexibility. Broadly this paper views working time preferences as being a highly personal and influenced by factors such as wages, taxation, culture (national and workplace) and non-work responsibilities. It is argued that negotiating a preferred working time pattern is essential to achieving work-life balance and when such a balance is achieved, workers are more healthy, motivated and committed to their employer. Essentially this provides an incentive for businesses to voluntarily implement working time flexibility beyond the regulatory standards..

Vinkärlsetiketterna berättar : En textstudie

This paper examines the texts written on shards from wine-jars found at El-Amarna, Tutankhamuns tomb (KV 62) and Deir el-Medina. Information concerning the administration of wine and its production, found in these texts, is examined. Wine was an important element in Egyptian society and a common iconographic motif in tombs at Thebes during New Kingdom.A survey on previous research on the subject is presented. This is followed by analysis of the different reoccurring elements found in the texts. A definition of the standard formulation of the wine jar label texts is given and the minimal level of information needed for the administration of wine production and distribution is identified. The chapter of the analysis deals with the various types of information given in the label texts, such as date, wine classification, and function.

Ett Omtvistat Himmelrike : En komparativ historiebruksanalys av Ridley Scotts epos Kingdom of Heaven med utgångspunkt i postkolonial och genusinriktad teoribildning

The following study is a comparative analysis on the usage of history in Ridley Scott?s epic Kingdom of Heaven. Based on the thesis that this movie has a lot to say about contemporary political values, it compares the theatrical version from 2005 with the 45 minute extended Director?s Cut, which came out on DVD in 2006. Firmly based in the popular-cultural context I tried to evaluate whether these changes related in any way, to matters concerning the current gender debate and post-colonial theory.

Banden mellan historia och arkiv

Freedom of religion or belief is indisputable in Human rights discourse, more discussed is exactly what it is that is included in the concept of freedom of religion or belief (in Swedish: religionsfrihet). This thesis focuses on the freedom of religion or belief in a European context, in particular on the European court of human rights and article 9 in the European convention for human rights. Some criticism has been directed against the Court to the effect that its practice and verdicts don't answer to the pronounced desire to develop a pluralistic and inclusive form of freedom of religion or belief.My aim is to examine, analyse and test three different theories, which all try to develop alternatives to the expression freedom of religion or belief, in relation to six verdicts from article 9 in Europe convention. My basic purpose is to try to find new ways of talking about freedom of religion or belief that might lead to a more inclusive, pluralistic and equal interpretation of that concept.The three theories wich I use are elaborated by Richard Amesbury (associate professor at Claremont school of Theology); Hugo Strandberg (TD at Åbo Akademi) and Eberhard Herrmann (professor in philosophy of religion at Uppsala University); and Martha Nussbaum (professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago). The six cases from the European court are: X v.

Ådalen och bloody sunday: En jämförande fallstudie av militärt våld

The 1900s saw two incidents of states using their military in civil disorder situations, which resulted in the killing of unarmed citizens. May 14, 1931 in Ådalen, marks a significant part of Swedish history and its view of the use of military force.  On that day, a peaceful protest march escalated, which resulted in live firing by the military stationed there to uphold law and order. This resulted in the deaths of five civilians and the prohibition of the use of military force in incidents of civil disorder. In 1972 in Northern Ireland a similar event took place on January 30, which is commonly known as Bloody Sunday. The Troubles were raging and resulted in protests for civil rights by nationalists.

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