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Vårdnadsbidraget : En fallstudie av hur vårdnadsbidraget har påverkat barnfamiljer i Växjö kommun

The first July 2008 did the Swedish government introduce a new family policy, the child care allowance. This essay is a case study of how the child care allowance has influenced families and which possible effects that the child care allowance can lead to. In order to respond to the issue has family models been used in order to analyze the results from a questionnaire survey distributed to households which has become granted child care allowance in Växjö municipality. Therefore is this essay?s premier contribution to the social science a description of how families have reasoned and decided about their child-care.

Kärnprocessen inom barnhälsovården

The core process is responsible for internal business development and is the process that runs through the organization and the results which creates a value for the customer. Some research suggests that identification of the client's conscious or unconscious needs clarifying the so-called core process in the organization and operations can thus be more effective. The study aims to identify and analyze the experience of the core process within child health care. The method has been interviews with nine managers and 10 clinic nurses in a county. The results show a lack of knowledge regarding core process and process work.

Föräldrars upplevelse av vårdmiljön på en barn och ungdomsavdelning

Background: The parent has a natural presence in today?s child health care and hospital treatment. The transition from home to a care institution has an impact on the parent. Previous research shows that over time the conditions and the parent?s role in child and youth health care have changed extensively.

Osedliga verser och smutsiga barn : Barnavårdens praktik och begreppsanvändning under 1929-1937

Social work is a profession where documentation about people?s behavior and life circumstances is common. In the beginning of the essay we ask ourselves, if these descriptions about people can be problematic? To explore this, we studied social documentation, from the past. We used a historical source because history can help usunderstand the social work that is being conducted today.

Individanpassad omvårdnad för det för tidigt födda barnet : En litteraturstudie

The aim of this study was to describe the meaning of individual care according to Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment programs (NIDCAP) to the early born child. The care around the early born child has shown a big importance. NIDCAP incorporates many care aspects that give structure for an individual tailored care. A fast care planning within three days and night after the birth according to NIDCAP has a positive effect for the cognitive development. The early child has showed that the surroundings environment has an important role for their development.

Familjens livssituation när ett barn i familjen har cancer - en litteraturstudie

Background: When a child gets cancer it involves the whole family. The view of family focused care has change over the years. It has been shown that the family needs support to manage their life situation, when their child is ill. Aim: The aim of this study was to illustrate the family?s life situation, when a child gets cancer.

Socialsekreterarens resonemang kring barnperspektivet i handläggningen av ekonomiskt bistånd

In Sweden the social assistance from a historical perspective, has been a part of the social legislation, since the 18th century. In that time called poor relief. Through the centuries this has established the social assistance we have today. With focus on the child, we have attempted to illustrate how the social workers consider the child perspective when they are dealing with the social assistance. We wanted to get a view of how the social worker reasons about needs the children have and how they can see that the benefit has been provided for.

Föräldrars önskningar och upplevelser av stödet från barnavårdcentralen : en intervjustudie

ABSTRACTParental support is needed because it promotes a positive development in children, because parents ask for it and because it has positive effects on the public economy. Those responsible in Sweden for Child health care have shown an increased interest in supporting parenthood.Aim: The overall purpose of this study was to investigate what kind of support parents today desire from child health care. An additional purpose was to investigate if they feel their needs and wishes are met.Method: The study has a descriptive and qualitative design. The selection was eight parents of children under eighteen months of age: four mothers and four fathers. None of the participants were couples.

Lyckade Familjehemsplaceringar : är SoL lika med en solig placering och LVU bara en lång väg ut?

Focusing of what´s best for the child has been a keyword in social work for a long time. That seems obvious for many people, but sometimes it lacks in the care of the children and the child may be taken in to care. The purpose was to find circumstances of success that can contribute to a successful placement of the child according to social workers and foster families. In which way does the cooperation between social worker, foster family and the origin family affect the placement? The study is based upon a qualitative method in form of interviews intending to get the respondents own knowledge and experience of foster care.

Mellan tvång & frivillighet : Förebyggande insatser i LVU

The purpose of this paper is to determine the established law and make researches into non-institutional compulsory care (?mellantvång?) paragraph 22 The Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act (from now on called LVU) and examine whether the administration of the law is in harmony with the best interests of the child.This paper combines two methods : traditional judicial method and a social science method. In the juridical part the sources of law have been studied and in the social sciences part semi-structured interviews have been conducted with five respondents. The theoretical framework consists of ideas and theories about the best interests of the child, a concept which is one of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child's core principles.This study shows that the legislator has identified a problem and an existing need and found a solution to this by introducing a non-institutional compulsory care, paragraph 22 LVU. The problem is that Social Services do not make use of the restraint.

?Något fel är det med honom, han kommer säkerligen aldrig att bliva en god medborgare? : En studie om barnavårdsnämnden, skolan och de avvikande barnen i 1930-talets Malmö stad

This study, a document analysis with a qualitative approach, explores children, under 18years, who have been subject to measures of child welfare in the city of Malmö during theyears 1935-1937. It also explores the school's role in this context. The questions that the studyis guided by is: How was children described in the Child Welfare documents in Malmö duringthe years 1935-1937? And what role did the school have in Child Welfare work and whatmotivated this? The theoretical approaches are Foucaults theories of power, control anddisciplining.It appears from the study that the school and child welfare authorities had a close cooperationwith the purpose to control the upbringing and disciplining of the children. It was through theupbringing that the deviant child would become a "normal", docile and good, industriouscitizen.

Mötet med föräldrar till överviktiga barn : En intervjustudie ur barnhälsovårdssköterskans perspektiv

Background: Overweight in children is a growing problem around the world. Studies has shown that children suffering from overweight, are at a greater risk to remain overweight as adults as well. Child health care nurses have an important task by trying to motivate parents to better diet and exercise habits for their children. Previous research proves that overweight and obesity in children is a very complex problem which requires a good caring relationship between child health care nurses and parents.Purpose: The purpose of the study was to illuminate the experiences of child health care nurses of meeting parents of overweight children.Method: An inductive qualitative approach was used as method. The collection of data was conducted by using semi-structured interviews.

Pilotutvärdering av KomHIT:

The study aimed to evaluate picture communication during clinical as-sessment and intervention procedures in paediatric care. As part of the project KomHIT (Augmentative communication in paediatric health care settings) care professionals at different care units were provided with education and designed pictorial supports. These consisted of appointment letters with pictorial support, visual schedules and communication boards with both general and specific vocabulary. Care professionals and parents to children with and without communication disabilities participated. Survey data from care professionals and parents at five care units was supplemented with qualitative data from an interview with a multiprofessional group at one of the care units.

?Hon gör sitt bästa efter sin förmåga? : en juridisk studie av LVU-domar med barn tillföräldrar med utvecklingsstörning

The purpose of this paper is to investigate on what basis a child is committed into care according to the law and to see on which grounds the decision about committed child care in law practice are taken when a child is committed to care due to parents who are mentally retarded. To better understand the juridical grounds for these decisions I will also in a short background describe the meaning of the term mentally retarded, how mental retardation and parenthood has changed over time and how different opinions are expressed in the law. Both people with mental retardation and children have in recent years gained their rights and sometimes these rights end up in conflict with one another. In those cases, what is in the best interest of the child, should be decisive. The children who have mentally retarded parents are at risk to not have their physical, psychological, emotional, social and intellectual needs met and are therefore being unfavourable developed.

Palliativ vård för barn : Stöd och tröst till det svårt sjuka barnet och dess familj

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to highlight what is perceived as- and what is not perceived as- supportive and comforting, by the sick child in palliative care, and by its family. Method: Systematic literature review in which only scientific articles from the years 2001-2010 have been included. Analysis: A method inspired by qualitative content analysis was used. Results: The analysis revealed five categories of what the sick child and its family experienced as supportive and comforting - and what was perceived negatively - in the context of palliative care for children. The results showed that it was very important to have competent, dedicated and compassionate staff that not only care for the child but also see to the whole family.

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